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7 Gifts For Your Favorite PA Student

November 27, 2018

The holidays are around the corner and for some PA students like myself, that means... a short break from PA school! This break means more than just a mental break from the heavy amount of medicine we have been learning. It also means that we are finally able to spend some quality time with our family and friends. We really would not be able to be where we are without their continued support and understanding throughout this long, arduous journey. So as students like myself prepare to tackle on the rest of didactics, newly accepted PA students prepare for the start of PA school and other students prepare for rotations and/or graduation, I’d like to share my top 7 gifts for your favorite PA student, regardless of where they are in their PA school education.


  1. PANCE PREP PEARLS: Sometimes coined the “PA School Bible”, PANCE PREP PEARLS has been a lifesaver for me during my clinical medicine modules. Students also utilize this to study for our board exam, the PANCE, (Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam). Chances are, your favorite PA student already has a copy that they carry around with them everywhere they study. But for students who are about to start their PA school education, I HIGHLY recommend this book!​


    ​*If they already have a copy of PANCE PREP PEARLS, then get it bounded for them at Fedex Kinkos, Staples or Office Depot (Should be under $10).

    Make sure you purchase the correct version (not the bootleg version). Price: $47


  2. Medelita Scrub Jacket: A versatile jacket to wear for all those hours in the classroom and library as well as for those shifts out on rotation, you can’t go wrong with gifting a Medelita Scrub Jacket to your favorite PA student! It’s a sleek, high quality performance jacket appropriate for all stages of PA school. Add the finishing touch with embroidery of your PA student’s name and credentials! Here is the link: *Psst, here’s a promo code for 20% off for ya! (AARONANGKOR7)* Price: $78-$108

  3. High Quality Stethoscope: More than likely, your PA student’s PA program will have the option to purchase a stethoscope through their campus store. However, if you’re looking for a way to gift your PA student with a stylish, functional and high quality stethoscope, check out ERKA’s Stethoscopes! I’ve utilized a number of stethoscopes throughout my prior medical experiences and I love this stethoscope! Here is the link: *You can also use the promo code (AARONANGKOR7)* Price: $100-$178

  4. Apple iPad Pro + Apple Pencil + Good Notes App: I went with getting a 10.5-inch Apple iPad Pro with 32 GB of space, which has been suffice, from Best Buy (On sale at the time). An Apple Pencil from Costco (Just under $100) and the Good Notes App ($7.99). I'll share another blog about how I utilize these three things for didactics (along with my Macbook Pro) but you really can't go wrong with studying/taking notes this way if you:

    1. Don't want to print out every lecture

    2. Want to sync/airdrop easily

    3. Want to write all on your lecture slides directly

    4. Are a visual learner and need color, emojis, diagrams, etc.

  5. Coffee + Coffee Mugs: Any and all forms welcome! I wasn’t much of a coffee drinker prior to PA school. That changed real quick! For me, it’s been vital for being able to wake up at 5:30am and to be able to function late night while studying. I’ve had my fair share of High Brew Coffee, coffee from our Kreurig machine as well as Starbucks. (Starbucks gift cards are a perfect form to gift your PA student)! Price: Varies

  6. Lunch Bag + A HighTech Insulated Flask: Eco-friendly is the name of the game. That eco refers to ecology or nature friendly as well as economically friendly. Spending money on lunch every day would get expensive. Myself and a lot of my classmates meal prep and bring lunch in our lunch bags. This allows us to put it in our refrigerator and/or back of the class room and heat up our food for some added brain fuel for the rest of the day. A Hydroflask (or the thermal insulated flask from Costco) is vital because we should be staying hydrated! This also allows for us to reduce the use of plastic bottles, reuse our containers and refill it up at water filling stations on campus. Price: $10-$30

  7. Business Casual Attire: For our program, we’re business casual, so underneath my Medelita Scrub Jacket, I have my dress shirt and tie on (which can sometimes be uncomfortable after long days of lecture). However, my business casual attire hack is that I actually wear Nike Golf Pants! They look just like dress pants, but are so comfortable and extremely breathable. I have a couple pairs and rotate them through, so I’m able to constantly stay comfortable. I love the way it feels and the way it looks. Definitely worth the purchase! Most of my dress shirts are either Stafford or Express. Most of my ties are either Original Penguin or Ben Sherman. Price: Varies


What else did I miss? What are you planning on gifting your favorite PA student this holiday season? DM me on Instagram, I’d love to know what I can gift my mentees and of course, maybe ask my family for! Don’t forget to save 20% off your Medelita orders by using my promo code: AARONANGKOR7

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