Chum reap sour!

My name is Aaron Hunro (Angkor is my unofficial middle name given by my father). Whether you know me from my PA path, my music, travels, or any other capacity, I welcome you and thank you for taking the time to invest your energy in me. I feed off of the positive energy and vibes I get in knowing that the future is bright and everything I do inspires those around me. After what seems like a whole lifetime, I will be beginning PA school in August 2018. I am from Long Beach, CA (also known as home to the largest population of Cambodians, outside of Cambodia). My road towards becoming a physician assistant started well before I was born. My father came here as a refugee, after surviving the Khmer Rouge regime! After volunteering medically in the refugee camps and obtaining his GED, he completed PA school in California. That's where my story begins.

"They say medicine is in my blood // I'm from the city where they all say 'Cuz'".

The fact that my dad was a PA was almost a given that I was going into medicine. I loved almost every aspect of it... almost. But I also loved music, sports and film as well. Growing up in Long Beach, I was exposed to gangs but also to the diversity that the city embraces. I grew up speaking Khmer to my family and Spanish to my neighbors. In high school my best friends were Black, Asian and White. Long Beach was a melting pot that I definitely attribute my compassion, empathy and culture awareness to. I graduated from THE Long Beach Polytechnic High School and continued onto another diverse campus in UC Riverside.

"I won't quit grinding 'til rejections stop."

I worked and went to school full time for most of college and all of my post-bacc career. After being unsuccessful my first time applying to PA schools, I began working even harder to reach my goals and well... the hard work paid off!  Take a look at my CASPA stats, and FAQ's for more information and insight regarding these parts of my journey.


"Not cold enough for a white coat // not old enough for a while coat"

They say the average age of students entering PA school is 27. I turned 27 in April and I start PA school in August. I guess I'm pretty average (not really but regardless, I'm just as excited as the next person to continue this journey). I invite you to read my blogs, watch my travel vlogs and listen to my freeverses. I'm just here to share all of the in between and continuities of my story. I thank you for being a part of it and I thank everyone who has already been a vital part of it. Peace and blessings fam! Awkhun!

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